4 Surprising Foods That Prevent Wrinkles

Do you know a person who wouldn’t love to look forever young? Probably not. Fortunately there is a safe way how you can achieve it. Don’t worry, you don’t have to start looking for the Fountain of Youth or rob a bank to be able to afford a plastic surgery. There are some foods that contain specific substances and thanks to them we won’t gen wrinkles. Let’s check them out. 



This pungent herb is not only a perfect weapon againts vampires, but it is also very rich skin-protecting antioxidants. Among these antioxidants there is one unique which is called polyphenols. This antioxidant helps protecting our skin froom free radicals.

Green Tea

Zelený čaj

When we drink a cup of coffee, our body starts releasing stress hormones like andrenaline and nonadrenaline. As you might have already guessed – green tea is the total opposite. Drinking green tea will also give you caffeine, but mostly important you will get its usefl antioxidants on the top with polyphenols. It is recommended to drink 3-4 cups of green tea every day.



Some kinds of teas contain caffeine which can lead to you dehydration. And the best way how to get hydrated again is to drink pure water. By doing so you will keep your body hydrated and enable your cells to work better. This will lead to hydratation and smooth skin.

Olive oil 

Olivový olej

This wonderful oil is full of oleic acid, a fatty acid that makes sking soft. Beside this, olive oil also containts vitamin E and polyphenols. Both these substances are very useful for our body and skin. If you want to get all the benefits ot olive oil, we recommed to always use extra-virgin olive oil. This type of oil is even richer in antioxidants because it’s the least refined.

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