4 Unexpected Reasons Why You May Feel Anxious

If you’re running late to an appointment, it’s clear why you may feel anxious. On the other hand if you feel worried or even depressed for no reason, check out these following surprising things.

Too Much Coffee 

Vypil jsi příliš mnoho kávy

“We think nothing of that extra cup of coffee, but caffeine makes the body nervous and jittery, and triggers the fight or flight response,” says Nikki Martinez, PsyD. Don’t forget that overdoing on the cappucinos or espressos can boost you with a short term energy, but later you will feel anxious.

You Are Hungover 

Jsi hungover

Headaches and nausea are not the only after-effects of excessive drinking. According to one study, heavy drinking of alcohol is one of the main triggers of anxiety. It is also well known that alcohol disrupt our sleep quality.


Můžete si vzít lék

If you’re sick and wonder why sou’re feeling anxious, the answer may be a few meters away. “It’s important to read ingredients,” warns Martinez. “Things like paracetamol, doxylamine succinate and dextrometrophan, all can trigger anxiety and a general on-edge feeling.”

Unbalanced Diet 

Vaše strava je nevyvážená

If your body is lacking essentials vitamins and minerals, can have a huge negative impact on your mood and lead to depression. “Studies have shown that diets lacking beef, pork, chicken, leafy greens, fruits, nuts, and eggs can lead to depression,” explains Martinez.

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