3 Simple Hacks For Better Sleep


Every day stress can exhaust us. If you think that this exhaustion will lead to a better sleep at night, you’re wrong. There are actually many factors that can have an impact on our sleep quality. If you are tired all day long despite your attempts to go to bed early, there are several easy hacks that can help you with better sleep. 

Develop A Bedtime Ritual 

You probably know that it’s quite difficult to fully unwind from a day full of activities and thereafter you cannot fall asleep. One way how to get your body and mind ready for a bedtime is to develop a night ritual. This ritual will sygnalize our body that the time for sleep has come. What do we mean by ritual? You can try taking a relaxing bath, drinking a cup of tea or listening to music.


Put Your Phone Away 

Countless studies found the light which emits from mobile phones or computers can have a negative impact on our quality sleep. If you are used to glance at your phone before bedtime, you may find it hard to sleep afterwards. Instead put your phone away. If you use your phone as an alarm clock, place it across the room.

Exercise Regularly 

The benefits of regular exercising are simply great. Exercise not only keep your body in shape and healthy but you will also fall asleep much faster.

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