4 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep may be lowe on your list of priorities in this busy world. However, not getting enough sleep might seem as fun in the beginning but sooner or later you will suffer from sleep deprivation and that’s no fun at all. Check out what happnes when you don’t get enough sleep.

Your Brain Won’t Function Properly

Váš mozek nefunguje stejně

If you do not get appropiately amount of sleep – either due to chronic problems, work, lify style and so on – it can have a negative impact on fucntionality of your brain. “MRI imaging shows lack of sleep reduces blood flow to areas of the brain that control higher level of thought processes,” explains Richard Shane, a behavioral sleep specialist.

You Become Forgetful

Stanete zapomnětlivý

Another negative effect of not getting enought sleep is forgetfulness. “Insuffient sleep interferes with your ability to focus and learn efficiently, which is essential for you to remember something,” says Dr. Shane.

You Get Irritable 

Získáte podrážděný

We all know this unpleasant feeling when we did not sleep well. We cannot force ourselves to do anything productive, and moreover we become irritable.”Sleep deprivation affects mood,” warns Shane. He says: “It makes you see everything in a more negative light because your emotions are far more volatile when sleep deprived.”

You Could Be Depressed 

Jsi větší pravděpodobnost, že budou v depresi

Another negative impact of sleep deprivation is the increased probability of depression. “While the specific brain mechanism are not known, in one major study people with chronic insomnia were ten times more likey to develop depressiion,” explains Shane.

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