Celebrities who may have faked their own deaths

Unlike cats, we have only one life, don’t we? Well, majority of us do but there are some other people who might have one extra life at least. As you probably know there are some celebrities deaths which are considered to a little bit weird. Most of these people were so famous that faking their deaths was making a sense – they just wanted to take a break from everything. So there is a possibility that some people might have faked their deaths. Let’s check them out. 

Michael Jackson 

The news of Michael Jackson’s death shock the whole world. In his last 5 years of life Michael was under fire. And suddenly there was a reason why to not him anymore. The official version claims that the singer died of an accidental prescription drug overdose and joined other famous people who passed away the same way. However, Michael was so famous throughout the world that many people still believe he’s alive.

What about some proofs? Well, there is a footage revealing Jackson walking into the hospital on his own foots. Another proof could be that the doctor who took care of him after arriving to the hospital, told that the legendary singer was still alive, despite the official statement which claimed that he had died several hours ago.


Rasputin still can be alive and for one simple reason – nothing could kill him. We mean it, absolutely nothing could hurt this russian badass. Those of you who do not know who this crazy russian was, let us explain his weird story. Rasputin was a counselor of Tsar Nicholas II. Everyone except Tsar hated him. They hated him so bad that they wanted to kill him. So what happened the night he “died?”

Well, first of all he was poisoned by cyanide? What happened afterwards? Nothing. The poison was too weak for this guy. When his killers noticed he was still alive, they decided to shoot him and leave him for dead. But Rasputin was still full of a life. So they shot him again and then beat up. And guess what… yes, he still did not want to die.

The killers lost all their patience, bound him and threw him into a river. It is said that his body was found a few days later. Nevertheless, look at him. What do you think, how hard would it be to find a similar person to him in Russia? Yes, there goes your answer.

Source: http://www.grunge.com/26814/10-celebrities-might-faked-deaths/

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