Day: December 2, 2016

3 Nasty Things That Happen When You Eat Fast Food

If you’re one of the people who on their way to work buy a sandwich for breakfast, for a lunch you stop for a cheeserburger with fries and on the way home you hit the drive-thru, let me ask you one simple question: How on Earth are you still able to function as a normal […]

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4 Unexpected Reasons Why You May Feel Anxious

If you’re running late to an appointment, it’s clear why you may feel anxious. On the other hand if you feel worried or even depressed for no reason, check out these following surprising things. Too Much Coffee¬† “We think nothing of that extra cup of coffee, but caffeine makes the body nervous and jittery, and […]

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3 Simple Hacks For Better Sleep

Every day stress can exhaust us. If you think that this exhaustion will lead to a better sleep at night, you’re wrong. There are actually many factors that can have an impact on our sleep quality. If you are tired all day long despite your attempts to go to bed early, there are several easy […]

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