2 astonishing things that fell from the above

On one hand we can pretty well predict what may fell from the sky. On the other hand, the sky sometimes indeed does crazy, crazy things. Here are several insane things that have really happened and fell on our heads. 

Sharknado: San Juan Capistrano, CA

You all are probably aware of this fantastic movie Sharknado. At the first sight it looked like Sci-Fi but after reading this article you might change your opinion. But let’s be fair here. There wasn’t any tornado full of sharks. Actually there was only one shark. So what happened?

It is true that San Juan Capistrano is located only about two miles from California. But let’s face it: even this distance is probably too long for a shark to walk. In October 2012 an employee of a golf course found in the middle of the green 60 cm leopard shark. Since no one confirmed that the shark made it past the security, it is believed that a predatory bird dropped its catch on its way to the nest.

Spider rain: Argentina 

Spider rain is a quite known phenomenom that has occured all over the world. However, no one has ever caught it on camera till 2007. A man named Christian Ganoa went hiking with his friends. At one point they noticed that the ground is full covered with spiders. This isn’t something unusual for experienced hikers. Nevertheless, things a little bit changed when they realized that spiders were actually falling from the above. What would normal people do? Probably scream, panic, just common things. But Ganoa was a tough man and instead of running away he pulled out a camera and took a few pictures.

Source: http://www.grunge.com/9682/unbelievable-things-fell-sky/

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