3 Odd Stories Of Unexpected Death

We all would love to live long lives full of peaceful moments, surrounded by family and friends. However, the reality has sometimes something else to say. Here are 3 stories of people who ended their life in very bizarre ways.

Don’t Mess With The Fish 


In 2016 Robert Mwaijega, 47, went fishing with his friends. They spent their day catching pereges, a native fish of Tanzania. They were doing pretty well and catched a healthy number of fish. However, one fish decided it did not want die and suddenly made a huge flop which send it high to the air. Where did it land? Straight into Robert’s mouth and wriggled its way down through his throat into his chest.

Gangster Squad Of Angry Monkeys


In 2007 in New Delhi, Surinder Singh Bajwa, was enjoying a peaceful night at his home when unwelcome visitors came by. When Bajwa went to see what was happening, he could not believe what was going on. The pack of monkeys got into his house and were ready to fight him. We don’t know what exactly happened but it appears that these fighting monkey followed him onto the balcony where they forced Bajwa to take a header over the edge.

The Failed Chill


Have you ever heard of cryotherapy? If not, it’s a quite new health technique that tends to relief our muscles and joint pain. It is similar to taking an ice bath except that customers are exposed to 2-3 minutes of supercooled air inside cylindrical chamber.

Chelsea Ake-Salvacion, 24, was working at the Las Vegas spa when she decided to take this treatment after hours of hard work. Although the details are unclear, it is believed that Ake-Salvacion lost her consciousness and was found dead the next day.

Source: http://listverse.com/2016/10/05/10-bizarre-recent-stories-of-accidental-death/

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