Top 3 Myths About Using Cannabis

Let’s face it. Cannabis is probably the most widespread drug in the world and in most countries it is illegal. The fact is, that nowadays, it has become so common that many people don’t consider it as a really bad thing. Thanks to propaganda there have been going on many for many years, several myths surround this drug. Let’s put things straight and see how it is with weed.

Memory Loss


Myth: If you use cannabis you will suffer from memory loss, general reduction in logic and intelligence.

Truth: To be fair there are some elements of truth on it – that’s why it’s believed by so many people. The studies have found out that cannabis indeed diminishes the short therm memory. But under one and only condition – you have to be intoxicated with it. A person who has just used cannabis will remember everything he learned before but may have a problem with learning new things while being intoxicated.

Lung Damage 


Myth: Cannabis is more harmful to the lungs than cigarettes

Truth: First things first – people who smoke cannabis and don’t smoke cigarettes, tend to smoke less frequenlty (logicaly), and therefore they’re limiting their exposure to smoking danger. In addition, cannabis smokers do not inhale all the nasty stuff that is contained in normal cigarettes. Moreover, there have been several evidences that smoking cannabis do not have the same effect on our lungs as cigarettes.

Fat Storage 

Cc Upinsmoke Ms 5

Myth: THC that is contained in cannabis gets stored in body fat and its effects may las several days

Truth: Actually it’s true that cannabis (like many other drugs) gets stored in body fat. For this reason it can be detected even after some time, but this is the only part that is true about this myth. The truth is that the psychoactive effects of cannabis are used up pretty quickly. Even though drug remain in body fat, it has no longer any impact on a person.


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