3 products you’re not using the way that their crazy creators intended

Most of the items that we can today find at our homes were designed by marketers and engineers who tranformed the originial idea to the final product we see. What would happen if all these things stayed true to the vision of the persons who created them? Let’s check it out. 

Corn Flakes – The Ideal Way How To Calm Your Sexual Urges 

Before John and Will Kellogg started making cereals, they owned a sanitarium. Many celebrities from all over the USA were visiting the Kelloggs to let them purify their body. However, the brothers had some extraordianary ideas about puryfing their clients.

For instance, John believed that sex was impure and harmful. For this reason, he and his wife never had sex and slept in separated bedrooms. According to John, the worst thing a man could do was to masturbate. That was why he designed corn flakes, because he believed it was the least sexy food ever. His next plan was to start selling it worlwide as a breakfast in a hope that he would bored the next generations of sex.

Got Shot? Use Tampons 


Do you want to know a secret? There was a time that women were not the only ones who used tampons. In fact, they were used in military service. When there was a conflict, you would not find a good medic without a tampon on hand. In the 18th century the medics were using the tampons to plug bullet wounds.

Do You Want To Have A Successful Morning? Eat A Spoonful Of Vaseline

If you are using vaseline only on your skin, you’re doing it all wrong. The person who created this substance wanted us to use in a different way. We were supposed to eat. That’s right. Do you know how was vaseline was actually created? It saw the light of the world for the first time while some workers where scrubbing a residue off of the drills and they were like: “What would happen if we just rubbed this stuff on our sking?” A man named Robert Chesebrough was them and liked the idea what they were doing.

Some time after that Chesebrough was traveling across the country, burning his skin with acid and then rubbing the wound with petroleum jelly. But he did not stop there. He came up with a great marketing idea. In order to be healthy and strong, he recommended every person to eat a spoonful of vaseline every morning.

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